news: as of 2/22/18 we are able to sign KEXTs

on OSX and will be releasing a fork of OSXFUSE signed by Screwjack as soon as I finish complying with the license and relabeling it, our build also notably removes the dynamic loader, and restores static linking ability.

if you're here, you're probably looking for the gitweb with the goods.

that's here

it's not the next link, that's just a lermontov quote. nemesis et al, see above.

thanks to the CompCert verified toolchain on OS X, i will make some effort to build an actually verifiable kext. it will take some (read: a massive amount of concerted) effort, but... nothing, it's a lot of work and i'm getting through the backlog presently.

a lot of things are different in light of our ability to sign, notably, if merged with our existing FUSE package under the same bundle ID, OSXMUSE (M being for minimalist and not being concerned with the integrity of the abbreviation) may restore ext3fs access as Disk Arbitrationshould cease its dismount of filiesystems mounted by the auomounter and our software now. which is good because that UFS support was not amazing and porting a real fsck was getting ugly.

your black blood won't wash away the Poet's sacred blood

contact us via: connor -at- jackup -dot- screwjackllc -dot- COMmercial-internet-tld

the subdomain in that address, jackup, matters, don't leave it out.